Wood's Ghosted Maple Syrup

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Wood's Ghosted Maple Syrup (8oz) - This is traditional syrup with a kick! We added handcrafted ghost pepper extract to our syrup. If you like it hot, this syrup will light up your palate for a few minutes at least! Great for pancakes, barbecue, grilled fish, wings, ribs, ice cream and for making exotic mixed drinks as well.

The Wood family has been making pure maple syrup in Vermont for five generations. Now Albee Wood has created a line of specialty flavored maple syrups you can use in new ways. Bake or grill with them, pour them on ice cream—even add them to cocktails. The innovative flavors and packaging make Wood’s syrups great gifts, too.

Ingredients: Handcrafted Vermont Maple Syrup, handcrafted ghost pepper extract.