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Ultra Heat Collection - Each of these sauces contain ultra hot natural heat and also have a great taste. They are our hottest non-extract sauces. 

The Rapture 2.0 - Trinidad Scorpion Pepper  (5oz) - This is THE HOTTEST NATURAL SAUCE IN THE WORLD!!!!  With over 16 Scorpion peppers PER Bottle!  If you know someone that nothing is too hot for them…this is the one to get them as a gift.  With it’s 66.6% pepper content, a mix of Scorpion pepper and Ghost Chili "for flavor" This sauce has a slow evil build to it.  This one has been known to bring a grown man to tears after tricking him into thinking he was ok. Give it a try if you think you can take it. Heat Rating: 1.2 million Scoville units (estimate provided by Torchbearer Sauces)

CaJohns Hydra 7-Pot Primo Hot Sauce (5oz) -  this unique sauce is made only with 7 Pot Primo chiles. The 7-Pot Primo has been around since 2005. Rather obscure for quite a while, it packs an almost 1.5M SHU punch!

BURNS & MCCOY EXHORRESCO 7 POT PRIMO HOT SAUCE (5oz) - Burns & McCoy Exhorresco 7 Pot Primo Hot Sauce uses the 7-Pot Primo which is considered one of the hottest peppers in the world. Burns & McCoy then combined this pepper with the perfect blend of spices, agave, oak aged apple cider vinegar, black garlic and yuzu juice.

Cajohn's Fire Cock Hot Sauce (5oz) - 2017 is the Chinese "Year of the Fire Cock". In Chinese element theory each zodiac year is associated with one of five elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth, which means that a Fire Cock comes once every 60-year cycle. Celebrate this Rooster's long awaited return with this fiery sweet chili sauce! Enjoy!

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