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Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Flakes with Grinder Top

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Trinidad Scorpion Pepper with Grinder Top - Dried Trinidad Scorpion flakes come in a glass jar with a grinder top. Twist the top and the flakes are ground into freshly ground pepper.

Trinidad Scorpion pepper with an AMAZING Hot flavor that will kick your tongue. In 2011 Guinness book of world records confirmed the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper is the hottest chili pepper in the world! Measured at 1.4 million Scoville Heat Units - and it's a hot commodity!

Grown, dried and processed in the USA.

Ingredients = 100% Trinidad Scorpion Peppers.

Reviews (1)

Quality and Perfect Flavor

Written by Martin on 6th Mar 2018

These are a little less spicy than the Reaper Flakes that they also sell but are the most flavorful of the line they have I have bought... They still have a really good spicy punch to them though, worthy of any Spicy Aficionado!!! I'd buy these vs. Reaper Flakes if wanted more Flavor to your Flakes, vs. would buy Reaper Flakes if wanted more Burn!!! The Quality of Flakes from the Pepper Explosion Branded Bottles are chunkier than any other Flakes on the Market, which there brand also has REUSABLE Grinder Bottles if not buying just refills, that is aside from being reasonably Priced... All around Great Company and Flakes, I buy their Brand Flakes almost once every month or every other month!!! Love this Companies Brand more than any other!!!!

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