Tobago Keys | Coral Ridge Seafood Dipping Sauce

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Tobago Keys Coral Ridge Seafood Sauce (12 oz.)

With a creamy flavor, a hint of mustard and white wine, the barest kick of habanero and cayenne, this mildly spicy sauce is more versatile than the label suggests. It is definitely a fantastic complement to seafood, grilled or fried, but also tastes great with chicken fingers or soft pretzels. Use it as a marinade with chicken or pork, or as a sandwich spread. It even works as a salad dressing! And when you get tired of all that, serve it along side some crab cakes for a classically decadent dinner.

Ingredients: Mayonnaise, Water, Cayenne and Habanero Peppers, Onions, White Distilled Vinegar, Herbs and Spices, Green Bell Peppers, Yellow Mustard, Celery, Garlic, and Natural Gum