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The General's Hot Sauce Gift Box: 2 Star - Much like the General himself, our gift boxes have been climbing the ranks!  We proudly introduce The General’s Gift Box—2-Star.  Arranged with individual open-faced sections, these custom gift boxes are the ideal way to show off your TGHS.    The “2-Star" makes the perfect gift for a veteran, a hot sauce lover, or even your own man cave.   

The 2-Star contains one bottle each of Dead Red, Marine Green, and Shock & Awe.


The General's Dead Red (6oz) The General's classic signature product.  Perfect for buffalo wings, but great on pretty much everything else.  Made from Louisiana-grown, fully ripe red cayenne peppers hand-picked at exactly that right time, and then salted down and aged until the mash is perfect for conversion and bottling.  An all-natural product that is almost 90% cayenne peppers, this sauce packs a truly authentic, fresh cayenne flavor that will be very different when compared to other sauces that typically have a stronger concentration of vinegar. 

The General's Mean Green Hot Sauce (6oz) - The General discovered almost by accident that green cayenne peppers picked just before they turn red can bring a truly unique, tangy, earthy flavor; still carries the same fresh flavor as Dead Red, and that same rich concentration of all-natural cayenne peppers.  Much of the harvesting of the green peppers happens at the end of a growing season, when these mature, perfectly balanced (but somewhat stubborn) peppers just decide to stay green; as such, we usually age these peppers a bit longer.  A "late heat" that won't jump out at you right away, very popular at the breakfast table, the perfect balance of flavor and heat.

The General's Shock & Awe Hot Sauce (6oz) Not for the faint of heart, this sauce was a special request from our beloved heat freak fans that we have since opened up to the rest of the universe.  Made with almost 90% Louisiana-grown orange habaneros (we liked that flavor the best from all our testing), you'll get a unique punch of deep, powerful, sustained heat that is offset by a sweet aroma and taste.  Many of our fans will use this sauce to "spike" Dead Red when making wings

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The General's 2 star set

Written by Danielle Farthing on 31st Dec 2018

I gave this to my boss for Christmas. He loves hot sauce and is a Veteran. He loved the packaging and said the sauces were awesome!!

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