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Pueblo Red is a hearty roasted Pueblo Chile sauce that contains the flavor of summer in each bottle. We took ripe red Pueblo Chiles that hove grown in the hot Colorado sun and turned it into a thick and hearty chile sauce. Transform those enchiladas into something more with Pueblo Red. Use on everything you eat.

Killer Swarm: Have you ever swallowed an entire swarm of killer bees? With PexPeppers Killer Swarm you'll swear you just did! Killer Swarm is made with Trinidad 7 Pots along with a smattering of wildflower honey and lime juice. This sauce is HOT, Floral and Sweet. Goes great with any food! Use very sparingly. PexPeppers is not liable for misuse of this hot sauce.

I'm So Chile features the best Fire Roasted Pueblo Chiles. When you pour this on your burger and fries you will be brought to a land of sweet and savory Pueablo Chile flavor. Now you can experience the flavor of Pueblo, Colorado in every meal. use as you would a salsa verde!

Atom Splitter is so hot you will swear all the atoms in you are breaking apart! This hot sauce is bursting with the flavore of the legendary Douglah 7-pot and tropical fruits such as guava and mango backed with a sweet dose of agave nectar. This sauce goes great on all white meats and vegetarian dishes. This sauce is to be consumed responsibly.