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Mad Dog 357 Plutonium 9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract

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Mad Dog No. 9 Plutonium Million Scoville Extract (1oz) - A single atom of plutonium is capable of immense heat and destruction. This pepper extract is one of the hottest and purest in the entire world—is capable of the same. If you just want a little heat in your food, this is NOT the extract for you. This little bottle is for the true aficionado of heat, the one who wants to test the limits, to see how explosive pepper heat can be. Blow something up at supper tonight.

Please note you WILL have to warm bottle to 140 degree F to be able to remove the pepper extract from the bottle.


Due to The Extreme Nature of These Products, Please read the following disclaimer.

I agree, as indicated by my opening this bottle, as follows in connection with my purchase of this product:
1. Due to the extreme hot nature of this product, this product shall be used as a food additive. This product can cause serious injury if directly consumed, ingested or applied to the body.
2. Due to the extreme hot nature of this product, this product shall be used with extreme care in very small amounts only.
3. This product is to be used at my own risk, and I am fully understand the potential danger if used or handled improperly.
4. If I give this product as a gift, I will make the recipient fully aware of the potential danger if used or handled improperly.
5. I hereby disclaim, release and relinquish any and all claims, actions and lawsuits that I, or any of my dependents, heirs, family members or legal representatives, may have against any party relating to any damage or injury that may Result, or is alleged to have resulted, from the use, consumption, ingestion, contact or other use of or from the product.
6. I am not inebriated or otherwise not of a sound mind, and I fully able to make a sound decision about the purchase of this product.

Reviews (1)

Very potent with no exaggerations.

Written by Joe. S on 28th Aug 2017

Okay. This stuff is SPICY. Perfect for individuals who want to push the limits of their pain tolerance and sanity. The price may seem steep, but this product DELIVERS and leaves you completely satisfied and will go very far. The labels are no joke and should be strictly followed. Seriously. I would recommend using this as a heat amplifier to milder hot sauces to raise them up a couple notches. I'm in love with this jar of pain and will happily reorder when the time comes. A tooth pick lightly coated will give you a good baseline as to how hot this stuff truly is. A must buy for anyone who loves the extremes that life has to offer.

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