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Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning

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Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning (6oz) - The people of Lynchburg have been using dry rubs to enhance the flavor of their meats before the turn of the century. For an extra flavor, they decided to add a little of their local Tennessee Whiskey. For best results sprinkle liberally on meat several hours before cooking. This will allow the seasoning to seep into the meat. Since it's sugar-free it is great for grilling directly over hot coals. So fire up your grill and...... Goes Great With: Steaks, Hamburgers, Chops, Chicken, and Grilled Vegetables. 

  • Sugar Free
  • No MSG
  • Made with Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey
  • Makes Mouthwatering Steaks & Burgers

Inredients: Kosher salt, black pepper, dill seed, coriader seed, red pepper, garlic, spices, soy bean oil, natural flavors and Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey.

Reviews (1)

Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning

Written by ed darnell on 19th Mar 2018

Hands down the best! When relatives who drown their steaks with sauce tell you my steaks are the only ones they will eat without any sauce, it has to be this seasoning.

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