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High River Sauces Grapes of Wrath Hot Sauce (5 oz.)

Grapes of Wrath is a unique blend of your favorite hot peppers, red wine, holiday spices and fruit filled magic. This Seasonal Limited Edition Hot Sauce from High River Sauces will add an-instant warmth to all of your upcoming holiday activities. Happy “Hotter-days” from High River Sauces.

  • Awards: 3rd Place Winner of The Hot Pepper Awards 2013 - Superhot Unique Category


Ingredients: Grape Juice, Pineapple, Pickled Red Cabbage, Red Habanero peppers, Cabernet, Blueberries, Ginger, Strawberries, Brown Sugar, Honey, Blackberries, Salt, Lime Juice, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Scorpion Peppers, Garlic, Cinnamon