Heartbeat | 4 Pack Hot Sauce

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Red Habanero: The sauce that started it all. We’ve taken the naturally balanced heat and flavor of red habaneros, the sweetness of bell peppers and the brightness of fresh lime juice to create the most versatile hot sauce possible. Fermented in small batches and entirely hand made without the use of thickening agents, preservatives or added water. Bring new life to all your favorite foods both savory and sweet. Heat: 5/10

Pineapple Habanero: Our most recent offering and our spiciest to date! We’ve yet again collaborated with an Ontario craft brewery, this time from our home town of Thunder Bay. Made with the help of Sleeping Giant Brewery’s award winning Beaver Duck session IPA, this sauce has a boldly pronounced fruitiness and a bright but savory vibe from start to finish. While we feel this is our hottest sauce yet, you can still expect a very approachable balance of heat and flavor, a Heartbeat signature characteristic! Heat: 6/10

Jalapeno: An addition to the Heartbeat Hot Sauce lineup, a slightly milder offering made with fresh jalapeño and fermented serrano peppers to give that signature Heartbeat flavor and perfectly balanced heat. As with the original Red Habanero, we’ve produced this without the use of any preservatives, thickening agents, extracts and no added water, giving you a pure and natural hot sauce that’s all flavor and can be enjoyed on practically anything! Heat: 3.5/10

Blueberry Habanero: This special edition of our original Red Habanero is loaded with real blueberries and made with the help of Forgotten Lake Blueberry Ale from Lake of the Woods Brewery. Purposely not too sweet! It will taste harmonious with any savory flavors you might be cooking with (but also pairs well with dessert) Medium heat, stunning color alongside that signature Heartbeat texture. Heat: 5/10