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Dos Amigos Salsa (16 oz.)

The Dos Amigo's Hot Salsa is unique in that this salsa is made entirely from pickled jalapenos and carrots combined with tomatillos, tomatoes and a secret ingredient or two for an outstanding flavor profile. The Dos Amigos Salsa took first place in the Best Salsa category at the Salsa Showdown Birmingham, AL!


Ingredients: Tomatoes Jalapeno Peppers (Water, Vinegar, Carrots, Onions, Idolized Salt, Soybean Oil & Spices), Canned Tomatillos (Tomatillos, Water, Salt & Citric Acid), Pickled Slices Carrots, Water, Jalapeno Peppers. Vinegar, Iodized Salt, Onions, Spices & Soybean Oil, Garlic Powder.