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CRAZY ASS Challenge Gift Box

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Ass Kickin’ CRAZY ASS Challenge - Take the Crazy Ass Challenge!

Challenge yourself or your friends & family to make it through all 4 Crazy Ass Flavors! Each sauce adds an additional ingredient to the recipe to increase the heat level.

Crazy Ass Stupid: Ghost Pepper
Crazy Ass Insane: Ghost Pepper + Scorpion Pepper
Crazy Ass Psycho: Ghost Pepper + Scorpion Pepper + Carolina Reaper Pepper
Crazy Ass Certifiable: Ghost Pepper + Scorpion Pepper + Carolina Reaper Pepper + 1 Million Scoville Capsicum Extract.

Note: Comes complete with crazy ass goggles, rubber gloves, dropper and 4 super hot mini sauces.

Are you up for the challenge? Start with Crazy Ass Stupid and see how far you get!

Reviews (1)

Crazy Ass

Written by Gail on 30th Sep 2018

I bought this is a gag gift for my brothers birthday. We had so much fun with this, that we laughed so hard, we had tears in our eyes. Mind you, we are all in our 50s/60s. We were so loud with laughter that the teens that were there had to join in on the fun. Couldn't of asked for a better night. The samples you get...they are hot!

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