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Carolina Reaper Pepper Flakes with Grinder Top

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Carolina Reaper Ground Pepper with Grinder Top Jar -
The Carolina Reaper was certified as the hottest pepper in the world in 2013. A sweet chocolate-cherry under tone with hint of citrus. Guinness book of World Records has it at 1,569,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Some say it can get to over 2,000,000 Scovilles! These peppers were created in the USA by the Puckerbutt's Ed Curry. The Reaper is too hot to use as a dried pod.  As a result, we have ground them down into flakes. We then added a grinder top so that you can better control the amount that you use in your cooking. Grinding as you need it also provides a fresher taste as opposed to buying already ground pepper.

Please use with extreme caution when handling the pepper!

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Seasonal Availability. Very Limited Supply.

Reviews (2)

Carolina Reaper

Written by Denise on 15th Apr 2018

This is THE hottest pepper flake I have ever had. My husband LOVES the hottest of hot and this is his favorite . A little bit goes a long way in my opinion. Beware when grinding - the fumes get into the air and can actually make you cough - but it is very, very good. Highly recommend!

Quality Chunky Flakes and Amazing Flavor

Written by Martin on 20th May 2016

O.k. was searching for a Chunky Reaper Flake, not that half bottle is dust stuff you see everywhere (not naming names but is 75% of the search engines search links!!!) This company has gone above and beyond on quality control, both with the flake and also with the grinder bottle... So if you prefer dusty flakes just give it a twist instead of opening it up and shaking it like I do!!! This Pepper Flake is a hit you later and/or very spicy after burn in spiciness!!! Great on just about anything!!! It also boast more close to the red pepper flake in taste as the Ghost Flakes seem to have a bold unique flavor!!! Aces all around for this company and their product!!! You will love it and be satisfied, that I am sure of if you purchase one!!! I am an avid spicy eater and I think I just fell in love with this Company just based on this product ALONE!!! A+++++

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