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Fire up the Grill

During the year, we take our products to select shows/fairs for people to sample.  While our loyal customers know us best for our vast hot sauce collection, we have been adding more types of products and venturing into "some" non-spicy products.

A bonus for us offering samples is the left over product.  We take them home, experiment!

One of our favorites is Bourbon Barrel Kentuckyaki (Kentucky Style Teriyaki Sauce)

We have previously tried using Kentuckyaki as a BBQ Sauce and as a marinade with chicken. It was really good, but this time we wanted to try it on steaks. We took a few good steaks from Costco and put them into a zip lock bag with the bottle of Kentuckyaki. These steaks marinated for two days. 

Fired up the grill, seared both sides and grilled. 

Note: the Kentuckyaki is going to darken the meat which will make it harder to determine the color of the meat when cooking.




The next bottle will be used on Salmon.  We can't wait to try it!

Get your self a bottle today: Bourbon Barrel Kentuckyaki