Bravado's Black Garlic Carolina Reaper has Arrived!

Posted by Robert Kuna on 15th Sep 2018

Bravado's Black Garlic Carolina Reaper has Arrived!

We have received our first shipment of Bravado Spice's Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Sauce. This is the much sought after sauce that is featured on Hot One's Season 6. Back in March, we had the honor of being able to taste test one of the sample batches of this sauces. It's been tweaked a few times since, but wow was it good. The description of "the world's hottest pepper, savory black garlic and a hint of sweet maple" is spot on. 

Bravado has also redesigned both their Jalapeno & Garlic Seasoning and Crimson Seasoning. They now come in a glass container rather than plastic. This change will help keep the spices even fresher and last longer. The Crimson Seasoning is now called Crimson Tex-Cajun.

About Bravado: Our mission is to craft incredible hot sauces and seasonings that are undeniably bold and delicious. Our focus is culinary alchemy; combining heat and flavor in new and exciting ways. Taste is everything. Our passion is our customers and wowing them with products that are unlike anything else out there.