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Adoboloco KoloheKid & Hamajang Combo - These two Adoboloco sauces have been featured on the Hot Ones Series: Hamajang Smoked Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce and KoloheKid Hawaiian & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Both sauces are 100% natural and made with simple ingredients.

Adoboloco KoloheKid Hawaiian & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (5oz) - Kolohe is a Hawaiian word that means mischievous and that's a perfect description of how the Ghost Pepper burns its way through your tastebuds. It starts off politely, making you think that it's nothing you can't handle and then it pounces down the back of your throat and builds ever so slightly to a rumble! Cut with native Hawaiian Peppers, this is a fantastic all purpose sauce for those wanting a splashy vinegar based sauce that pushes past medium heat. Featured on First We Feast Hot Ones Season 8 hosted by Sean Evans

Hamajang Kiawe Smoked Ghost Pepper (5.6oz) - The combination of smoked Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and fiery Habanero give this sauce an intense level of heat & flavor. This sauce can add heat & flavor to your meal, just make sure you know what you're doing.This sauce is featured on YouTube's Hot Ones Series with Sean Evans - Season 5